there was a mum (with 2 children and 6 nieces and nephews) who was looking for some good songs for her kids to sing. She was a music teacher and a performer, so the idea of finding the perfect songs was of great interest to her.


When her search for great songs failed, she decided to just write the songs herself. This came very easily as her inspiration was always at hand.

After her first 30 songs, she wrote another 30 songs and then another 30. There was no end to her drive. She tried them all out on her family, friends’ children and of course her students.

 They were a great success. Her nieces and nephews ranged from 2 – 7 years old and even the 7 year olds enjoyed the action and silly songs. She then recorded and self published the 90 songs and took them to a record company………..

Now go forward 25 years, where she sits with her beautiful grandchildren, singing the same songs she sang with her own children. She feels blessed that the songs have lasted the decades and today are still sung and enjoyed by thousands of little ones.

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